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WWE: “Electrifying” ► The Rock 24th Theme Song

by Jim Johnston

Album: WWE: "Electrifying" (feat. The Rock) – Single
Genres: Rock, Music, Soundtrack
Released: Mar 24, 2011
℗ 2011 WWE, Inc.

Download Link: (mp3, 320kbps)

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Theme Count:
1st: "Destiny (I)" (as Rocky Maivia)
2nd: "Destiny (I)" (WWE Edit) (as Rocky Maivia)
3rd: "Destiny (II)" (as Rocky Maivia)
4th:" Power" (as Rocky Maivia)
5th: "Power" (2nd Version) (as Rocky Maivia)
6th: "You Smell It"
7th: "Do You Smell It"
8th: "Do You Smell It" (2nd Version)
9th: "Do You Smell It" (3rd Version)
10th: "Do You Smell It" (4th Version)
11th: "Do You Smell It" (5th Version)
12th: "Do You Smell It" (6th Version)
13th: "Do You Smell It" (7th Version)
14th: "Know Your Role"
15th: "Know Your Role" (2nd Version)
16th: "Know Your Role" (3rd Version)
17th: "Know Your Role" (4th Version)
18th: "Is Cooking"
19th: "Is Cooking" (2nd Version)
20th: "Is Cooking" (2nd Version) (WWE Edit)
21st: "Is Cooking" (3rd Version)
22nd: "Know Your Role" (5th Version)
23rd: "Know Your Role" (6th Version)
24th: "Electrifying"

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72 Responses to WWE: “Electrifying” ► The Rock 24th Theme Song

  • His belly button looks so wide, looks like u can just shove a finger up there

  • If he went president he would have been the only president of USA to admire…

  • Royal Rumble 2019


  • One like = the rock is back in 2019

    • He wont back. But i wish if he come.
      I want to watch my Dream Match between The Rock & Brock for the UNIVERSAL Championship match

    • Ye$sssss Maam!!!!?

    • @ Vinit Srivastava The Rock has stated on numerous occasions that he was supposed to come back years ago and was going to wrestle Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 in 2014 but it was cancelled when he got injured during the John Cena WrestleMania match from the year before (he got hurt in both matches with Cena) with a torn hamstring at 28 and 29 he tore his abdominal muscles and adductor tendons from his pelvis which he had surgery to fix which was why he hasn’t been in the ring for a few years now because he can’t risk hurting himself while filming a movie which was what happened the last time he wrestled, the filming of Hercules was delayed for two weeks because of his WrestleMania injuries.

    • Yeah the Rock is back






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