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Top 100 Classic Country Songs Of 70s – Old Classic Country Music Hits New Playlist Collection

Top 100 Classic Country Songs Of 70s – Old Classic Country Music Hits New Playlist Collection

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  • Country Collection is a great YT channel, with so many wonderful country songs. The only problem I have, is that for absolutely none of the videos, is a _tracklist with all the songs’ names and timestamps…_



  • Two kinds of music country and western only love it lots

  • Love this

  • Brasil was here!

  • What kind of low down, filthy, cruel, cold hearted, bullying, fools run and control YouTube?????? I feel I been harassed and bullied by YouTube. I feel I been violated and betrayed by YouTube. I love to share my beautiful music of the past with others on YouTube. Sick and tired of having albums that I OWN I post removed or blocked by YouTube because of what they call copyright. It is high time YouTube do away with copyright so all can post and share music they love with others with no fear of it being removed or blocked. Why YouTube have ever came out with copyright I may never know. The music I post on YouTube is historical music of the past where YouTube’s copyright does not apply. I had albums from the 40s through 60s removed or blocked by YouTube, long before there was any such thing as copyright. It’s time for YouTube to permanently do away with copyright now. Copyright only serves to cause hurt and pain to people that posts music on YouTube, Please write YouTube telling the evil, bullying, fools that run YouTube to do away with copyright now…..

    Please feel free to copy this message and post all over YouTube comments before YouTube decides this message is copyrighted and is removed or blocked.

  • Anne Murray is one of the greatest entertainers of her time, so talented and so kind and humble.

  • БРАВО / BRAVO !!! ❤️??❤️

    Hails & Cheers from the capital Belgrade of Serbia ?????





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