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Howlin’ Wolf – Blues from Hell (Not Now Music) [Full Album]

Howlin' Wolf – Blues from Hell
Released 2016-03-04 on Not Now Music
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1. 00:00:00 Howlin' Wolf Spoonful
2. 00:02:45 Howlin' Wolf Smokestack Lightnin'
3. 00:05:51 Howlin' Wolf Baby, How Long
4. 00:08:45 Howlin' Wolf I Asked for Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)
5. 00:11:37 Howlin' Wolf I Didn't Know
6. 00:14:03 Howlin' Wolf Evil
7. 00:16:56 Howlin' Wolf All Night Long
8. 00:19:11 Howlin' Wolf Rockin' Daddy
9. 00:22:12 Howlin' Wolf Poor Boy
10. 00:24:45 Howlin' Wolf Come to Me Baby
11. 00:27:10 Howlin' Wolf Dog Me Around
12. 00:29:53 Howlin' Wolf House Rockin' Boogie
13. 00:34:05 Howlin' Wolf Down in the Bottom
14. 00:36:14 Howlin' Wolf I'm Leaving You
15. 00:39:12 Howlin' Wolf The Natchez Burnin'
16. 00:41:22 Howlin' Wolf Sitting on Top of the World
17. 00:43:54 Howlin' Wolf Riding in the Moonlight
18. 00:46:56 Howlin' Wolf The Wolf Is at Your Door
19. 00:50:01 Howlin' Wolf Howlin' for My Baby
20. 00:52:33 Howlin' Wolf Forty Four
21. 00:55:22 Howlin' Wolf Shake for Me
22. 00:57:37 Howlin' Wolf You Can't Be Beat
23. 01:00:42 Howlin' Wolf I Have a Little Girl
24. 01:03:16 Howlin' Wolf Who's Been Talkin'
25. 01:05:37 Howlin' Wolf Change My Way
26. 01:09:09 Howlin' Wolf Wang-Dang Doodle
27. 01:11:32 Howlin' Wolf Twisting and Turning
28. 01:14:26 Howlin' Wolf Backslide Boogie
29. 01:17:26 Howlin' Wolf How Many More Years
30. 01:20:09 Howlin' Wolf I've Been Abused
31. 01:22:24 Howlin' Wolf Keep What You Got
32. 01:24:46 Howlin' Wolf Nature
33. 01:27:30 Howlin' Wolf No Place to Go (Aka You Gonna Wreck My Life)
34. 01:30:20 Howlin' Wolf Going Down Slow
35. 01:33:42 Howlin' Wolf Don't Mess with My Baby
36. 01:36:19 Howlin' Wolf Moanin' for My Baby
37. 01:39:12 Howlin' Wolf The Red Rooster
38. 01:41:37 Howlin' Wolf Crying at Daylight
39. 01:45:29 Howlin' Wolf Morning at Midnight
40. 01:48:02 Howlin' Wolf Going Back Home
41. 01:50:43 Howlin' Wolf Back Door Man
42. 01:53:32 Howlin' Wolf Mr. Airplane Man
43. 01:56:15 Howlin' Wolf Brown Skin Woman
44. 01:58:56 Howlin' Wolf Tell Me
45. 02:01:51 Howlin' Wolf Little Baby
46. 02:04:36 Howlin' Wolf Who Will Be Next
47. 02:07:08 Howlin' Wolf Howlin' Wolf Boogie
48. 02:09:53 Howlin' Wolf Worried About My Baby
49. 02:12:52 Howlin' Wolf You'll Be Mine
50. 02:15:19 Howlin' Wolf So Glad
51. 02:17:27 Howlin' Wolf Somebody in My Home
52. 02:19:54 Howlin' Wolf My Life
53. 02:22:56 Howlin' Wolf I'll Be Around
54. 02:26:07 Howlin' Wolf I Better Go Now

Few bluesmen have lived up to their name as readily as Howlin Wolf. A giant of a man with a voice to match. In 1999, our second track, Smokestack Lightnin, was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame as a recording with qualitative or historical significance. With another 53 significant recordings here, the song is in good company. Watch out for the Wolfman!
© 2016 Not Now Music
℗ 2016 Not Now Music

54 Responses to Howlin’ Wolf – Blues from Hell (Not Now Music) [Full Album]

  • the first second of this video, already an orgasm in my ears.

  • Misfits brought me here!!! This is pure Gold!

  • Howling wolf was a genius with such heartfelt soul and passion for his music.. He has inspired so many people and will continue to forever and I’m sorry but if you don’t like this you don’t understand what music’s really about..

  • I like the sounds of blues… I’m becoming my dad!

    • Jared Kay wolf taught himself to read and got a degree in business. he had health insurance for the guys in his band. he would help anybody any way he could.

    • your dad must be one cool rockin’ daddy then!!!

  • The great Howling Wolf,a all American story,he died yearning to see his mother again before he died,she wouldn’t because she was a devout Christian and said he sung the Devil’s music,he was born in Mississippi on a plantation and learned from the great blues artist Charlie Patton who is said to be the beginning of this All American southern music!

    • Adam Brooks …what his mother couldn’t know, locked into her method as she was, was the Blues was Wolf’s method of pursuing the very same God. Listen to the depth, the profundity of life in his lyrics and music…how could that not be God? Even in Wolf’s sin…whatever it was…God was there. God is bigger than sin, greater than the damage it causes, and in seeing it always, submits Himself to creation and its imperfection.





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