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Blues Music – Instrumental Blues Guitar

Mike White – Guitar
Rich Bryant – Bass
Jim White – Drums

Guitar Rig:
Blackstar Artisan 100,
Les Paul Standard,
Bare Knuckle Mule Pickups,
Dunlop Crybaby,
Timmy Overdrive.

There will be more music uploaded in the near future with a studio album of original instrumentals also available to buy…
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35 Responses to Blues Music – Instrumental Blues Guitar

  • I hope you guys like it I never wrote blues before this is my 1st try. I got the blues I got the low down dirty blues. Late at night we argue Fuss and fight. I say things I really didn’t Please don’t cry. it Tears me up deep inside. when I see you cry. Baby I feel like I’m dying inside. I’m sorry that I lied. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I didn’t mean to make you say bye bye. I need you in my life. I wouldn’t change one single thing baby you are my world My life the air I breathe. my soul refused to die. Please ba-be Don’t leave me here alone, Don’t leave me here to die. I got the blues the low down dirty blues. I -got -the- blues- and its all because of you. I’m begging you please, please baby don’t leave. Let your love fall like rain and wash away all my pain. I try to forgive you but the memories left a stain. You hurt me baby and you still haven’t changed. i got the blues the low down dirty blues.

  • Think I had about 16 orgasms listing to this

  • Got damn boys! You all made me feel good this morning! Yessssssss Lordt!!!!!

  • This is among the best blues backings I have found. Man this is good. Easy to freestyle too, but it grounds out all the feeling from the guitar when you free-style to it! Great!

  • so nice….can dream something





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